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What is Veterans Express?

Veterans Express is dedicated to educating families about the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit, as well as linking them with quality senior care professionals.

What is the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit?

The Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit is a little known Veterans program for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance with activities of daily living. It can be used to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses such as home care, assisted living or skilled nursing facilites. Veterans with non-service connected disabilities can take advantage of this program.

Did the veteran have to serve during wartime to be eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit, the veteran must have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty, at least one day of which must have been during a period of war. War periods, for purposes of this benefit, are broadly defined and may include periods of time before or after the active hostilities. Veterans need not have served overseas to qualify; it is often enough that they were merely active during these periods, even if their service kept them in the United States.

What are the financial requirements to become eligible?

The Veterans Administration has put in place certain guidelines for qualification. With respect to income, the veteran or spouse must meet a ratio of income to medical expenses. There is also an asset ceiling for qualification, and certain assets such as a home and vehicle are exempt for eligibility purposes. Veterans Care Coordination has no financial stake in trust work done on behalf of clients. Seniors are urged to be careful of financial services firms who look for seniors with assets and promise to fill out paperwork in exchange for the ability to sell annuities or other financial products.

How can the benefit help you?

This benefit can be a great tool to reimburse for medical expenses such as home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing facilities.

Is the process difficult?

Obtaining documentation for any benefit can be a strain. Understanding the length of time that it takes to get a decision is difficult, because every case is different. It is important to submit all appropriate documentation to help minimize the time frame in which it takes to get the decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs states the average length of time ranges from 6-12 months.

Who is Veterans Care Coordination and what do they do?

Veterans Care Coordination is our main sponsor to the site and supports the mission of Veterans Express. The goal is to help those who need a little hand holding through the process while setting up senior care services. They have a simplified 8 step process to guide families and to educate them on the proper information and documentation that is required to get a timely result. Also, they can assist in completing some of the forms, as well as obtaining pertinent information required for the claim. What makes Veterans Care Coordination unique is their interest free loan program which can pay for needed care services while the Veterans Administration is processing the claim.

What does Veterans Care Coordination charge for this service?

It is against the law to charge veterans or their families to fill out paperwork for the purposes of applying for the benefit, and we would warn seniors to be wary of firms who attempt to charge money in this manner. The only money that ever changes hands between Veterans Care Coordination and our clients is money paid for home care services, and our rates for that home care are competitive with rates charged by other providers in the marketplace.

For more information, call 1-888-268-4787 or click here to fill out the Pre-Qualification form.

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Veterans Express is an advertising organization that provides information to veterans and their families while linking them to senior care providers.
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