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Benefits to Pay For Homecare!
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At Veterans Express it is our job to educate you about how the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance program works. Our single goal is to help as many veterans and spouses to remain living independently at home for as long as possible. The program is a little-known allowance that provides an enhanced pension to reimburse for in-home assistance and care. The key word in the process is reimbursement.

Often, people have a need for home care but cannot afford it because they don’t have the resources. They apply for the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit and the benefit is immediately denied. They have the need for home care, they served our country and are limited in assets. The mistake? They didn’t start home care prior to applying for the benefit. They are caught in a "Catch 22."

At Veterans Express, our partner Veterans Care Coordination (VCC) will fund the cost of the care through an interest free loan. Pension with Aid and Attendance funds from the VA are retroactive from the application date. When benefits are reimbursed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, then you pay Veterans Care Coordination back for your care costs. This solves two problems – having long wait periods before starting home care and being able to afford it, prior to reimbursement. Veterans Care Coordination assists veterans and surviving spouses across the United States.

"The employees of VCC strive to assist our clients with the same honor and integrity with which they served their country," Kyle Laramie, president of Veterans Care Coordination said. "And we believe deserving seniors should not fail to take advantage of the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit because of an inability to pay for care during the VA processing period."

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