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A balanced diet is something that helps everyone who is consistent with the right kind of food in staying healthy and active. The same principle applies for elderly citizens but there is need for moderation and alteration required in food ingredients that goes into making meals. Determining the type of food based on medical advice and age. The following provides tips on making healthy meal choices for senior citizens.

Watch the white crystals!

  • Salt & sugar is a necessary ingredients needed by our body for optimal functioning. But too much of anything is bad, when younger; the body has the ability to process extra salt and sugar, but as one gets older it pays to keep an eye out on the amount of salt and sugar that goes into the meal
  • Senior home health care professionals are trained in dietary needs which come in handy while preparing a meal for senior citizens in their homes
  • High blood pressure and heart disease can be a result if salt use is not regulated
  • Foods to watch out for: meat (ham, corned beef, bacon), junk food such as potato chips & sodas (high amounts of salt and sugar)
  • Go for foods which consist of natural flavors, natural herbs and spices are a better option

Watch out for fatty foods

Artificial fat found in certain desserts (pies, pastries & fried items) can have a bad effect on the digestive system. Digesting these high fat foods puts a lot of stress on digestive hormones. Although one doesn't have to completely avoid fat, space it out and add fruits, yoghurt to your dessert. Senior home health care services from Veterans Express

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